Big Bang Boom Slot Overview

Hey gamers, if you like stuff exploding on screen, we may have the game for you. Internet slot veteran NetEnt created Big Bang Boom. This game’s title doesn’t misrepresent its gameplay. Big Bang Boom scatters Bomb symbols on its massive gaming grid, making the main game unpredictable and offering a unique explosive hold ‘n win bonus round.

Big Bang Boom reminded me of Hacksaw Gaming’s Chaos Crew at first. The neon colors, emblems, and atmosphere created this impression. Big Bang Boom’s mood is raucous. The game’s soundtrack is great throughout, giving it a rebellious, punky, EDM, partying to see what the night brings vibe.

In the standard game, its incredibly extensible grid starts each play with 4 reels carrying 4 symbols. Big Bang Boom’s methods to win pay system extends from 256 to 10,000 when the game grid is full. Big Bang Boom, a risky RTP option with a potential return of 96.07%, is offered. Bets range from 25 p/c to £/€100 every spin, with two bonus buys.

In Big Bang Boom’s base game, the grid can only extend vertically. This limits winning combinations to 3 or 4 of a type. For modest payments, Big Bang Boom’s stencil fonted J to A card ranks, worth 0.16 to 0.2 times the wager for 4 OAK, and premium symbols of a blue cheerful face, green butterfly, purple heart, and yellow crown. Four-of-a-kind premiums pay 0.4–1 times the stake. To conclude, Big Bang Boom has a stack of Bomb symbols but no wilds.

Big Bang Boom Slot Features

We’ll discuss Expanding Reels, Avalanches, Super Bombs, free spins, Treasure Prizes, and extra buys.

Expanding Reels

Three rows of places above and below the game grid are covered. A winning sign vertically close to a covered position or a bomb explosion directly affects a covered position uncovers it.

Uneven Surface

A winning technique or bursting bomb starts Avalanche. New symbols Avalanche in when winning symbols or explosion bits depart from the reels. Avalanches continue until no win or bomb appears on the reels. On reels with winning symbols and explosives, the Avalanche happens when winning symbols disappear and bombs erupt.

Features Super Bombs

Game has 7 bomb kinds. Bombs detonate after wins are assessed, causing avalanches.

Vertical Bomb – bursts vertically, eliminating symbols above and below it.

Horizontal bombs destroy symbols to the left and right.

Diagonal Bomb—explodes diagonally, eliminating neighboring symbols at its corners.

Plus-pattern Bomb – bursts across, deleting symbols on top, bottom, left, and right.

Omni-directional Bomb — destroys all nearby symbols.

Cluster Bomb randomly uncovers 3-5 covered places in the main game. In free spins, it explodes 3-5 empty bomb spots.

Persistent Bomb—only in free spins. Every spin, it explodes with all nearby symbols till the feature stops.

The main game and free spins feature the Vertical, Horizontal, Diagonal, and Plus-pattern Bombs. The Persistent Bomb only appears in free spins. The Treasure Prize feature, basic game, and free spins can feature the Omni-directional Bomb and Cluster Bomb.

Free Spins

All reels reaching 10 places in the base game give 6 free spins. The 4×10 grid may be enlarged to 8×10 for free spins, adding 2 reels left and right. The round only allows x1 Prizes, Vertical, Horizontal, Diagonal, Plus-pattern, and Persistent Bombs. Prizes stay on the reels until the game concludes. When bombs cover Prizes, their value is doubled by x2 up to 2,048x. Final Prize values are totaled and given.

Treasure Prize Part

New positions in the basic game or free spins might reveal Treasure Prizes. Treasure Prizes in the main game and free spins include Vertical, Horizontal, Diagonal, Plus-pattern, Omni-directional, and Cluster Bombs. In free spins, you can win 16x, 32x, 64x, or +1 free spin.

Purchase Feature

Players may purchase 6 free spins for 75 times the wager or 6 free spins with a Persistent Bomb on the reels from the first free spin for 150 times the stake from the feature buy. Purchased free spins activate immediately without a base game spin.

Slot verdict: Big Bang Boom

Big Bang Boom was one of NetEnt’s most intriguing offerings. It’s new, has an attitude, and does great stuff. Big Bang Boom combines Nitropolis and Chaos Crew with unique gameplay. Imagine the hero of a little dated cyberpunk movie arriving into a club in the near future where everyone is wearing futuristic clothes, haircuts, and being totally unique while futuristic rhythms are booming. We mean this positively, not sarcastically. Big Bang Boom has a wonderful attitude.

The gameplay’s nice too. The grid may seem little at first, but like a PopWins slot, it may grow a lot, but only upwards or downwards in the main game, giving you something unusual in a 4-reel slot. NetEnt’s ways-to-win pay scheme is nice too. The bonus round is unusual because to the growing grid and the abundance of bomb symbols. Explosions double prize values, reminiscent to Quickspin’s Cash Truck’s Doubler. Since reward values can exceed 2,048x, the greatest win of 4,300x the wager may disappoint some.

Big Bang Boom is a playably unique online slot that was a nice surprise after evaluating NetEnt’s 101 Candies and Crab Trap. Big Bang Boom combines basic and complicated components, echoing previous games while remaining unique and exciting.

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