The Knossos Labyrinth Slot Overview in MultiJump

The YGS Masters program at Yggdrasil is awesome because it unites designers from many backgrounds and interests. Dreamtech Gaming is one studio on the show with a clear preference for blending fantastical elements with mythical ones. The legacy continues with Labyrinth of Knossos, which combines the two genres and has a new mechanic called MultiJump.

At first look, it’s clear that Dreamtech has continued the Ancient Greek adventure begun in Medusa Fortune & Glory. That means King Minos’ famed maze, populated by naughty creatures, will exist in a warm and fuzzy cartoon universe. Here, players are met with a dungeon-themed, semi-transparent 5-reel, 243-pays-ways gaming area, with icy blue tones in the basic game and fiery reds in the bonus. The visual similarity to Medusa isn’t as strong, but it’s pleasant enough to serve its purpose.

Players can enter the maze from any device, and bets range from 20 percent to $/€60 every spin. Due to a very unpredictable mathematical model, the quantity of multipliers isn’t always going to connect into anything extraordinary. A hit occurs around once every 3.81 spins (26.24% of the time). The potential frequency of free spins is roughly once every 158 spins, which isn’t terrible. The return to player percentage, or RTP, is also rather good at 96.42%.

The game board features 10 pay symbols, including 9s through As, swords, shields, the Minotaur, and Minos’s doting wife Pasiphae. If you get five premium symbols in a winning combination, you’ll win back between one and two times your wager. Low because to the inappropriate application of multipliers. The wild symbol, which features an image of the dashing youngster Theseus, can appear stacked on the center three reels. Wilds may act as substitutes for conventional symbols and can come with multipliers!

Play the MultiJump Slot Game Set in the Labyrinth of Knossos!

It should now be clear that multipliers are crucial to Labyrinth of Knossos’ design. At any time during the main game, a random pay symbol or wild might appear multiplied by 2, 3, or 5. This applies to every triumph in which they play a role. The MultiJump function applies a multiplier to each symbol’s value as it moves from one winning combination to the next, provided that more than one symbol in the win carries a multiplier.

The situation to a head in the next optional feature, a set of free spins that may be initiated to increase the benefits of MultiJump. There are 10 free games up for grabs for landing 4 boats, 15 for landing 5, and 20 for landing all 5. In free spins, any wins from pay symbols or wilds are multiplied by the corresponding bonus amount. The odds of amassing MultiJump multipliers, which may reach a maximum of 3,125x, improve as a result. The same manner that free spins are first granted (by landing three or more scatters), they may be retriggered throughout the bonus round.

Slot Decision in the Multi-Level Labyrinth of Knossos

With each new release, Dreamtech’s quality tends to increase, suggesting that their collaboration with Yggdrasil is fruitful. Compared to the first Dreamtech slot we tested, Ice and Fire, Labyrinth of Knossos is much more unified. That one was an epic in scope, with reels to match, and visuals that would have been state-of-the-art on PC in the early 2000s. The layout of the Labyrinth of Knossos has been modernized. The sprite-based gameplay gives the impression that it might have been created by any number of other firms, not only Microgaming. The appearance is fine, but it lacks the personal touch of previous Dreamtech slot machines. Perhaps the studio’s bottom line might improve if it went for a more recognizable design, but it would be a tragedy to lose part of its unique identity in the process.

The MultiJump function is one of the things that makes Labyrinth of Knossos stand out from the competition. This took some getting used to, I’ll admit. In reality, the pleasure curve skewed wildly at first before leveling down. At first, it was thrilling to see multipliers popping up all over the place. The high number of near-misses or potential hits was exciting. Disillusionment set in after a string of multi-multiplier victories yielded middling returns at best. It’s possible to have a win line with many multipliers and still win very little. Then, it seemed more like a flashy addition than a useful one. If you give it some time, you could find it rather thrilling.

This happened during the free spins feature, which activated rather regularly. There, multipliers may build up as they jumped from one symbol to the next down a payline, eventually producing some impressive results. However, it had the potential to be far more memorable. Even though the game offers a preset max win of ‘only’ 4,769x the entire stake, hitting the maximum 3,125x multiplier is enormous. That number might have been much higher thanks to all those multipliers; it thus seems disproportionate. However, because premium symbol values are so low, winning large is much more difficult. It’s strange since prior releases, such as Medusa Fortune & Glory, had so much potential; however, not all of that was able to be presented with Labyrinth of Knossos.

In conclusion, Labyrinth of Knossos is a release worth checking out, especially for mythology buffs, and it’s great to see Dreamtech improving their design skills. There are some tense moments in MultiJump, but they might have been more dramatic if the game’s default victory and symbol values were changed.

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